Public Involvement

The Midwest Transmission Project conducted an extensive and inclusive year-long information gathering process that included 20 public meetings attended by over 2,000 residents throughout the project area, numerous meetings with various groups and individuals, local newspaper advertisements, communication via our dedicated email address and outreach line, personal calls, letters to landowners, and a public website. Additional feedback and input was sought from landowners, an advisory group, state and federal agencies, local leaders, and the general public. Stakeholder input throughout the entire process has been a crucial component in the route selection process.

The first round of public meetings was held in August 2012 in Rock Port, Missouri; Mound City, Missouri; Maryville, Missouri; King City, Missouri; Cameron, Missouri; Excelsior Springs, Missouri; Falls City, Nebraska; and Auburn, Nebraska. At the first round of meetings, we presented the project area and provided an overview of the project and the routing process.

A second round of public meetings was held in January 2013 to present the preliminary route network that included all of the hundreds of possible line segments. The second round meetings were held in Stanberry, Missouri; Maryville, Missouri; Cameron, Missouri; Fairfax, Missouri; Excelsior Springs, Missouri; and Auburn, Nebraska.

The third and final round of meetings was held in May 2013 in King City, Missouri; Maryville, Missouri; Cameron, Missouri; Lawson, Missouri; Fairfax, Missouri; and Auburn, Nebraska. At this round, the project team presented the reduced route network with a reduced number of potential line segments.